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Ep #6 Show Notes:

In this first of two interviews, Lisa provides an amazing insight into the mindest and nutrition strategies that have enabled her to cope with running in some of the worlds harshest environments. Lisa also shares what kept her going during her awe-inspiring 2250km run for 43 days through the length of New Zealand. For more information about Lisa, her adventures, best selling books, podcast, new mindset academy eCourse and running coaching, visit

Ep #7 Show Notes:

In the second of two interviews, Lisa shares her lows and highs of ultra endurance running. Lisa also gives some insight into her current business adventures, tips for running and who has had the greatest influence on her running career. For more information about Lisa, her adventures, best selling books, podcast, new mindset academy eCourse and running coaching, visit

Ep #8 Show Notes:

In this episode, I cover the pros and cons of intermittent fasting. Using more prolonged periods of fasting (14 - 36 hours) is becoming increasingly popular for improving body composition, health. and potentially lifespan. Is this form of calorie restriction the new diet revolution though...?
I also cover the listener question: "what do I think of canola oil?"

To read an article I've written on Intermittent Fasting, click on the link below:

Intermittent Fasting - a dieting revolution?

Ep #9 Show Notes:

In this episode with my first studio guest, Kelsey shares her journey to a national title in long-jump and insights into the importance of nutrition for a sprint and power athlete. As a former client, Kelsey also has feedback on our nutrition coaching prior to competing in the Nitro Series in Melbourne.

Ep #10 Show Notes:

Bronwyn is an award winning fitness professional, global adventurer and now organic foodie extraordinaire who is doing some amazing things for her small community of Darfield. In this gardenside chat with Bronwyn, we get behind the scenes of her personal training success and dive into the ambitious new Seeds of Change project that has already provided 3 families in Darfield with nutrient dense veggies freshly harvested and grown with love. There is inspiration in this episode whether you're a veggie lover or not...

Ep #11 Show Notes:

Join me for an electrifying chat with Sabine who is a global entrepreneur, Managing Director of XBody NZ, EMS expert, Certified NLP coach and hypnotherapist. We talk about what EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) is and the benefits of this type of training for anyone wanting to gain strength, muscle mass or reduce weight and body fat. In Sabine's words, "XBody is like the Porsche of training, you get their fast, safe and in style". Buckle up for this show and enjoy the ride. To learn more about training with XBody or starting up your XBody business, visit or email Sabine on

Ep #12 Show Notes:

Join me for a summary of the guest interviews since I started the show in June 2017. Featured guest reviews are Lisa Tamati, Kelsey Berryman, Brownwyn Adams-Hooper and Sabine Parry. I also give my top health tips to manage the festive season and make the healthiest start to 2018.

Ep #13 Show Notes:

In the first show of 2018, I have a gymside chat with Sione who has been bodybuilding for 5 years and won his very first competition and placed 3rd at a recent event. Sione shares a lot of valuable insights into all the hard work required to keep giving 100% to both training and nutrition and highlights the importance of supplementation for "bridging the gap". Sione also provides some great tips for those either just starting in the gym or wanting to take their workouts to the next level.

Ep #14 Show Notes:

Jessica Moulds is an elite netballer, Silvermoon Tactixs Captain, Dietitian and sports nutritionist. In this episode, Jess provides some valuable insights into why she pursued nutrition as a career and highlights the importance of listening to our bodies through mindful eating. Jess definitely leads from the front both on the netball court and with her nutrition consultancy Relish Nutrition ( I trust you'll enjoy this podcast as much I did bringing it to you...

Ep #15 Show Notes:

In this solo episode, I make a big announcement about a shift in my coaching practice to a personalised health approach. Tune in to learn about how the ph360 personalised health platform I'm started using gives you information on what you need to optimise your health right now without the guesswork. I also cover how it works, what a health type is, who can it help, and how you put it into practice...

Personalised Health with ph360

ph360 Summary

Health Type Summary - Female

Health Type Summary - Male

Ep #16 Show Notes:

In this first of two episodes, Dr Cam gives us clarity about the term epigenetics and explains how using a personalised health approach has made a remarkable difference in his dietetics and exercise physiology practice. Dr Cam also provides some valuable insights into why he started venturing down the personalised health pathway...

Ep #17 Show Notes:

In the second of two interviews, we take a deeper dive into our six different health types and Dr Cam describes the remarkable shift in client results since using a personalised health approach. We finish the interview by exploring what the future of health looks like...

Ep #18 Show Notes:

Catherine shares some real nutrition nuggets in this episode to help you become free of the guilt and finally have freedom with food. Catherine also talks about her book "Wet Your Appetite - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free" which you purchase at along with finding out more about the recently launched Guilt Free Food School. If you want to learn more about understanding your pleasure with food rather than fighting the pain, this is an episode not to miss.

Ep #19 Show Notes:

Join me for a gymside chat with the CEO of the Exercise Association of NZ Richard Beddie to learn why the value of movement is one of the greatest gifts you can share with others. We also explore the importance of exercise for children and the power of physical activity for improving mental health. If you're struggling with what step to take next, this high energy conversation might be just what you need...

Ep #20 Show Notes:

In this gymside chat with personalised fitness specialist Paul Todd, we explore the importance of listening to ourselves, avoiding comparison, paying attention to both fitness and nutrition and focusing on the process so you can enjoy the journey. If you want to find out more how Paul can help with your fitness and health adventure, head over to Advanced Fitness at and send a message or give him a call...he would love to hear from you.

Ep #21 Show Notes:

In this solo episode, I take on the polarising genetics vs lifestyle debate for weight loss and shed some light on the most important first steps to take for having the ideal physique and keeping it that way. Sit back, relax with your favourite cup of tea or coffee (unsweetened of course)and enjoy the show...

Ep #22 Show Notes:

Get your workout gears on for this energised chat with fitness leader and holistic health coach Kyle Riley who joins us from Brisbane, Australia. In this episode, we explore why it's not a one size fit's all for exercise programs and how everyone responds differently to training. If you're not getting the results you want and deserve from your workouts, make sure you tune into this episode...

Ep #23 Show Notes:

Join me with my first ever return guest and now co-host Jess Maclennan (Tactix Netball captain and dietitian) for a new segment on the show called "The Lite Side of Food" where we throw around some ideas to help you out in a light-hearted way. In this first edition, we focus on digestive health and some top tips to avoid that intestinal discomfort so many suffer from.

Ep #24 Show Notes:

We're privileged to have freelance health and medical writer, scientific consultant and nutrition expert Dr Tim Crowe with us via Skype from Melbourne, Australia. In this first of two episodes, Dr Tim shares some nutrition nuggets around our basic dietary guidelines, current food environment the importance of nutrient diversity. To find more evidence-based nutrition messages from Dr Tim, visit I'm sure you'll today's show extremely valuable so let's buckle up and enjoy the ride...

Ep #25 Show Notes:

Dr Tim is back for the second of two interviews where we explore some ways to help manage digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), unpack further what the term "mindfull eating" means and understand more about the importance of our dietary intake for optimal mental health. To find more nutrition gold from Dr Tim, visit Sit back, relax and enjoy some expert commentary from a highly credible, well-respected authority in the nutrition world.

Ep #26 Show Notes:

Join me for an inspirational episode with plant-based nutrition entrepreneur and elite middle-distance runner Rosa Flanagan. In this fireside chat, Rosa shares some insights into the mindset of a perfectionist and how her love of plant-based food has led to the launching of Two Raw Sisters with her sister Margo. We also learn about the importance of having a great team, making nutrition a priority and nourishing your body. For more information about Rosa's rapidly expanding plant-based food company and some great blog articles, visit

Ep #27 Show Notes:

Another big show today with fitness entrepreneur and innovator Daniel Thomson who is a man on a mission. From developing and launching Circuband in his own backyard, Daniel is now taking on the fitness world in bringing to market the first intelligent resistance band. Daniel highlights that business and any area of life is a contact sport where connections are everything and how integrating and encouraging movement can be achieved through innovative technology. Vist to learn more about the evolution of the ultimate fitness tool.

Ep #28 Show Notes:

I'm joined in the studio by bone broth brewing extraordinaire Alex Watson who has launched The Little Bone Broth Company with his wife Cat that also has a real passion for fitness, well-being, and making food taste good naturally. We explore the health benefits of broth and why it's becoming so popular and expanding rapidly. I even have a taste of the chicken broth for the very first time in the studio during our interview and was pleasantly surprised...

Ep #29 Show Notes:

Join me for a final big announcement where I share that I'm moving onto a new adventure in the North Island. It's been an amazing journey with Plains FM and to wrap things up, we've put together summaries from some of the outstanding guests I've had on the show. Thank you so much for being a part of the Food Fit with Dr Nick show. I have a feeling that it's not a final goodbye though...I'm sure I'll find a way to be back behind the mic again.