What are Other People Saying?


Dr. Nick is on a mission to help people better understand themselves and their health on a genetic, physical and mental level so they can have healthy, happy, energised and productive lives.

Paul Park

Investment and business consultant

I first approached Nick for help with sports and exercise nutrition as I planned towards competing in the Coast to Coast, but came away with a far more holistic approach and understanding of my nutrition needs.  I have more energy, improved my exercise performance and recovery, and generally just feel better.  Nick’s approach is practical, realistic and grounded in science.  It is not about the latest eating trend - which he can demystify - but proven techniques and strategies that actually give results. There is nothing better than working with professionals with a deep expertise and understanding of their field and, when it comes to nutrition, Nick has it all.  I really enjoy working with Nick and will continue to do so.

Tina McCormack

Director and Physio Body Wise Health


I was fortunate to hear Dr Nick speak in Auckland January 2014 and find out that he is based here in Christchurch. I had a couple of long-term health issues I wanted to improve and wanted to also work on increased energy in the afternoon at work. I am a Physio and the afternoon sessions are very busy and I was finding I was crashing mid afternoon.  I also was training for the Spring Challenge Multisport event and wanted to learn more about good nutrition for this event.


Nick helped me with all 3 immensely. He was non-complicated in his approach which I liked and got me started on some simple manageable strategies like learning about the importance of food timing and food combinations.


My long time bowel/digestion problem is virtually non-existent now, I last the day at work really well and energy is much better. And I have competed in 2 adventure races since then and the nutrition has been great throughout.


I would highly recommend Nick for his great knowledge combined with easy to manage approach to improving your health and nutrition.

Simon Standeven

Real Estate Agent – Ray White


As someone who wants to perform to the best of my ability and being somewhat naive to a performance based diet , Dr Nick was a perfect answer at the right time.

With Dr Nick's guidance and expertise I have now the knowledge and motivation to eat in a way that maximizes my mental and physical performance, something that I value immensely.

Dr Nick has a huge talent and expertise in the field of nutrition, and at every stage,  I felt I could 100% trust his nutritional coaching as his indepth knowledge and experience was exceptional. He's certainly someone who has dedicated his life to nutrition.

Adding to his impressive qualifications Dr Nick performs his coaching with fantastic energy and in a truly inspirational  way. Making the time with Nick was enjoyable and invigorating out of my busy working week.

The skills Dr Nick has given me will be used for the rest of my lifetime!

Thank you Dr Nick!