As a leader in nutrition and expert in health science, Dr. Nick is often requested as a speaker at various health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle seminars.

Dr. Nick has spoken in front of a wide variety of people at many different events. From the National Fitness Convention (FitEx), Sky City Theatre, Aotea Centre, to international research conferences, Dr. Nick has done it all.


His work is regarded at the highest standard and his knowledge of the area of nutrition is supported by four degrees over twelve years of study, the highest award being a PhD in the area of post exercise skeletal muscle fat metabolism.


When Dr. Nick speaks, people listen. But it doesn't stop there.
Dr. Nick empowers and inspires people to redefine their success with health to look good, feel great, and love life...

Contact Dr. Nick today for support at your next major event, and what he can do to help promote your cause.

Dr. Nick: Public Speaker