I have always enjoyed pushing the boundaries and exploring what’s possible in life.


It’s this drive that lead me to completing not one but four degrees over 12 years, the highest being a PhD in the area of post-exercise muscle metabolism in well-trained humans...I’ve got the science covered.


I have a real thirst for knowledge and enjoy sharing this with others even more.


In fact, after finishing my doctoral studies, it was the desire to share my knowledge and make a difference in other people’s lives that compelled me to launch my own nutrition consultancy company called NutriFit Health and Fitness Solutions.


I lead from the front with healthy eating although my favourite food is cheesecake…it’s my “5th foodgroup”.


I’ve assisted a wide range of individuals to have nutrition breakthroughs with my own NutriFit Program for many years, however, I now specialise in personalised nutrition and health coaching using a revolutionary and comprehensive online platform called ph360.


Educating and empowering others to become the best version of themselves through optimal nutrition and health is immensely fulfilling and something I take pride in being effective at, but it wasn’t always this way…


When consulting with others using my own NutriFit Program for the past decade, there have been some individuals who I wasn't able to help achieve the results they desired. While there can be many reasons for this, in the back of mind I had a sense something was missing and knew there had to be a way of tailoring my approach more.


It was driving me crazy that I had studied for so long and accumulated a lot of knowledge but couldn’t understand how to effectively personalise my coaching…


That was until I discovered something which gave me the breakthrough I had been searching for...


And when I finally did, my ability to create results for others completely changed…


My “ah-ha moment” that changed everything…


I was listening to a podcast by Lisa Tamati (the first guest on my own Food Fit with Dr Nick podcast) and discovered a personalised health platform called ph360 that would allow me to optimise nutrition and health outcomes without the guesswork.


In this ah-ha moment, it was like a whole series of lights on the runway became visible and I knew I had found the missing piece of the puzzle with providing a personalised approach.


Listening to this podcast gave me one my biggest breakthroughs...


I finally realised the nutrition framework I had been using is more aligned with a one size fits all model and doesn't adequately acknowledge our unique genetic makeup or constitution - different people actually need different support.  


Before long, I was on the phone to Dr Cam McDonald, a personalised health and epigenetics specialist who was being interviewed on Lisa's show, to find out how I can start using the ph360 platform and ultimately become a ph360 health educator.


The shift in my effectiveness as a nutrition and health consultant has been dramatic. I can now help people just like you to better understand yourself and your health on a genetic, mental and physical level. I'm also able to coach in a way that supports your brain, body and best health.


And if you choose to finally master your nutrition and health, the best part is that you won’t have to do this alone as you’ll have my support every step of the way.




Dr Nick Kimber, PhD



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My Name is Dr Nick Kimber...

Personalised Health Coach

Level 1 Accredited 10 Behaviours Partner

Registered Nutritionist

Exercise Scientist