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10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health Programme

Dr Nick has recently partnered with Dr David Keane, founder of the 10 Behaviours, a programme that enables success in people and organisations globally through professional training and coaching. 


The 10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health programme is a powerful combination of building personal and professional success with personalised health to enable individuals and organisations to become the best version of themselves.


At the intersection of 10 Behaviours and personalised health is an incredibly unique programme that can transform the way an organisation functions and the results an individual experiences in life.


The 10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health programme is like no other, integrating the science of epigenetics with personal development to shift the needle of human performance that allows organisations to achieve:

  • greater employee engagement;

  • better staff productivity and satisfaction;

  • less employee stress, burnout and absenteeism with better work-life balance for team members;

  • a work culture that is more change ready, accepting of others and open to new ideas;

  • improved staff retention and more attractive to prospective employees.

Now is the Time…


The time to live an intentional life for achieving success and truly personalising your health and nutrition to achieve your best results yet is here.

The 10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health Programme combines a highly-practical, research-based development programme with a revolutionary new personalised health platform is known as ph360 that is designed for those who want to better understand themselves and their health on a geneticmental and physical level.

Imagine having personalised support to help turn your best intentions into your best results yet in a sustainable way.


Imagine being at your best each day to live a fulfilled life you truly enjoy.


Imagine starting each day knowing your bodies unique needs: your best foods, exercise, interactions, talents, physical environment and motivation.    

Imagine being able to redefine your success to look good, feel great and love life.


If you want to finally break the cycle of feeling unmotivated and frustrated with your health, enjoyment and productivity to have the results you've always wanted and deserve, the 10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health Programme is here to make this happen.


And finally, imagine a life where you are excited about the future and know your health and success path will serve you for many years ahead.


All of this will be possible for you by participating in the 10 Behaviours for Elevating Your Health Programme.