Dr Nick‘s Nutrition Coaching Program

Look Good, Feel Great and Be Fully ‘Alive’!

Master Your Nutrition


  • Stop the sugar cravings.
  • Quick, easy and energising snacks for on the go.
  •  Avoid yo-yo dieting and calorie counting for ever!
  • Making healthy food choices when eating out.
  • Whole, nutritious, tasty and energising health food that is readily available in the supermarket.

How Do You Benefit?

Using the simple and powerful system of eating called the N​utriFit​ Program,​ you can experience game changing results in health, energy and body shape/physique.

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Nutrition Coaching Programme Guide

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Key Components of Nutrition Success



The right mindset – what is your nutrition story? If it’s something like “I do well with nutrition and then I lose the plot!” you’ll always be battling to maintain results. One quick and easy way to resolve this is write your story on a piece of paper, crush it up in your hands and then stand on it! Take another piece of paper, write your new story and then place it we’re you’ll see it every day.



Using a method based approach – some strategies or guidelines are needed to provide a strong nutrition foundation. The method I have developed is called the NutriFit 5 eating strategies which are a simple yet highly effective way of managing your nutrition.


Being results focussed – having a clear vision and strong why for the results you’re after will having you taking the actions needed on a consistent basis.


Having a plan of action – whatever nutrition pathway you choose, make sure it’s based around when you exercise, is easy to follow, includes foods that are readily available, avoid excessive supplementation, have flexibility, and most importantly generate the results that you desire.

Nick helped me immensely. He was non-complicated in his approach which I liked and got me started on some simple manageable strategies like learning to eat 5 x per day and combining Protein and vegetables where possible. Tina McCormack

Director, Physio Body Wise Health

I first approached Nick for help with sports and exercise nutrition as I planned towards competing in the Coast to Coast, but came away with a far more holistic approach and understanding of my nutrition needs. The NutriFit programme is simple and easy to adopt, and it works! I have more energy, improved my exercise performance and recovery, and generally just feel better. Nick’s approach is practical, realistic and grounded in science. It is not about the latest eating trend – which he can demystify – but proven techniques and strategies that actually give results. There is nothing better than working with professionals with a deep expertise and understanding of their field and, when it comes to nutrition, Nick has it all. I really enjoy working with Nick and will continue to do so. Paul

NutriFit changed my course. My programme was easy to follow and allowed me to see results quickly. No gimmicks, no nonsense. I no longer struggle with sugar cravings and I understand the nutritional food balance that’s required to achieve and maintain a healthy diet and achieve results. I have followed the NutriFit programme for three years, and I am by far, fitter and healthier than any time in my life. My secret to success was NutriFit and I have this knowledge for the rest of my life.” Tammy Fankhanel

Marketing Consultant